Maserati Funding Options

At Meridien Modena, we appreciate that clients not only expect, but also deserve, the very finest standards of customer service when purchasing a Maserati.

To enhance this experience, Maserati has a range of bespoke financial solutions which are available via our own funding company, Ferrari Financial Services.

A New Maserati

Making the most of your money.

Ferrari Financial Services offers an ideal way to purchase your new Maserati. Our financial products are especially designed for the current Maserati range and allow for convenience, flexibility and peace of mind.

A Pre-owned Maserati

Financing the dream

We can also assist clients purchasing a pre-owned Maserati. Our financial products are aimed at cars which retain their value over time and are applicable to all Maserati models, regardless of age or value.


Hire Purchase

A truly flexible and reliable option, where you pay an initial deposit, with the remaining cost of the vehicle, plus any interest and fees, paid over your preferred term.

Hire Purchase and Balloon

This is an enhanced form of Hire Purchase. The advantages include a low deposit and reduced monthly payments. This is possible because of a balloon payment which is a percentage of the anticipated future value of the vehicle. This final payment is deferred to the end of the agreement.

These products are available to retail consumers and business clients and offer the following benefits;

​ Reduced Capital Outlay – allowing capital to be invested in alternative projects.

​ Fixed Repayments – simple budgeting throughout the full term of the contract.

​ Cash Flow Benefits – financial security due to the fixed rate contract.

​ Credit Line Flexibility – provision for against your next or additional Ferraris.

​ Finance payments are not subject to VAT.

​ Partial and Full early settlement available.

To discuss your finance requirements in more detail, please contact our Business Manager, Matthew Sells either by telephone on 02380 283404 or by email