Maserati Gran Cabrio MC

A unique car that maintains the elegant, luxury style of Maserati's first genuine four-seater cabriolet, the GranCabrio.


Below the racy exterior lies an elegant spirit

The GranCabrio MC is the natural evolution of the high performance GranCabrio, a model that penned an entire chapter in the history of Maserati. With a soft top simulating the design of a streamlined coupé, Maserati technicians introduced a series of changes for the GranCabrio MC aimed at enhancing the car’s aerodynamic efficiency, without detriment to its innate class and elegance.

The result is a car that is more aggressive, but still unmistakably Maserati: the front is dominated by the traditional oval grille featuring black vertical slats and a Trident with red trims in the centre.

The spoiler and front air intakes give the front an even more muscular look, and together with the slots on the front wings and the side skirts, combine to extract hot air from the braking system and deliver downforce to the entire car, without increasing drag. At 140 km/h the aerodynamic load is 25% greater at the front and 50% greater at the rear compared to the GranCabrio Sport.

The rear is equally exciting, proposing a higher, more centrally positioned exhaust, with the lower edge of the bumper guaranteeing enhanced extraction of airflow from the undercarriage. The spoiler incorporates the third stop light and is designed to produce downforce at high speeds.

The functional, aggressive look is enhanced by unique details like the new Bianco Birdcage three-layer paint finish: a brand new colour option for the Maserati range which adorns the sleek bodywork with countless nuances thanks to an original bluish tinge. This striking effect gives a nod to the white and blue-striped livery that was the hallmark of the Tipo 61 Birdcage, a car that successfully competed in these colours in top U.S. championships in the early Sixties.

With the addition of DRL (Daytime Running Lights) LED technology, the new front lights come in a feisty matt black finish, while the tail lights, also featuring led lamps, sport an exclusive burnished finish. Lastly, the dynamic good looks of the GranCabrio MC are heightened by 20” MC Design wheel rims, offered in Titanio lucido or Grafite opaco finishes.


The wind-in-the-hair motoring

Hands on the sporty steering wheel, fingers ready to stroke the gear shift paddles, right foot set to unleash the acceleration that the V8 engine is growling to deliver. All of this whilst soaking up the surroundings, rejoicing in the ensuing sense of freedom, onboard the luxurious, sporty cabin with its superbly ergonomic design.

In a cabriolet, the interiors merge seamlessly with the lines of the bodywork. For this reason, the design of the new wraparound sports seats echoes the elegant lines of the exterior. With integral headrests, in addition to a larger, more comfortable seat panel, the front seats provide better restraint during high perfoamnce driving thanks to larger side panels. At the bottom of the headrest, a distinctive tab with an Ecochrome finish takes inspiration from the classic Maserati radiator grille, for yet another sporty touch. The edges of the backrest are embellished with fine stitching that highlights the exquisite craftsmanship of the seats.

In the new GranCabrio MC the interiors are not designed simply with the person behind the wheel in mind: the rear shell of the front seats, upholstered in black leather and available on request in the same colour as the seats or in carbon fibre, allow for increased rear leg room

Peeking out from behind the new steering wheel, which sports a flatter rim and a grip with accentuated profile and is available in leather and Alcantara®, all-leather or leather and carbon fibre versions, are the new, longer Trofeo Design gear-shift paddles. This allows maximum control of gear changes on any kind of route. Meanwhile, the pedals are in perforated aluminium as standard for optimum control of the accelerator and brake.

The seats come as standard in leather with perforated Alcantara®, but are available as an option in an all-leather version. Completing the racy look of the interior, parts of the panels are upholstered in Alcantara®, clearly drawing on the trim level typical of racing cars, including the dashboard binnacle hood, the central armrest, the door panel armrests/handles, the middle of the dashboard and the central tunnel.

Elegance meets power

The heart of the GranCabrio MC is the legendary 4.7 litre V8 engine. Holding with Maserati tradition this engine features a series of innovations that make it incredibly powerful and flexible, so it can guarantee the smoothest of rides, not to mention endless excitement whenever the driver demands.

In keeping with the direction taken by Maserati in recent years, numerous changes have also been made to the engine of the GranCabrio MC with a view to improving power, torque and smooth running, without detriment to fuel economy and emissions. Thanks to specific mapping and new reinforced pistons, maximum power has been increased to 460 HP (338 kW) at 7,000 rpm, while maximum torque is 520 Nm, largely available in a wide rpm range.

The fine construction quality of the V8 is evident in several areas: from the DLC (Diamond-Like Coating) used for tappets and the camshaft lobes, which enables a significant reduction in friction, to the use of steel cylinder liners, which helps keep the weight and dimensions of the engine down, especially along the car’s main axis, optimising the vehicle’s dynamic performance. The wet sump lubrication system reduces the number of oil recovery pumps, significantly reducing running noise: the result is a perfect combination of comfort and sports performance.

In an open-topped car like the GranCabrio MC, the sound of the engine is a key feature: when the Sport button is pushed, the exhaust by-pass valves open, leaving the V8 free to express its true sporty personality. Thanks to smaller, lighter rear silencers, the deep throaty purr of the engine sounds every bit like that of a racing car as you can see and hear in our video below;


Racetrack technology at the service of comfort

The GranCabrio MC turns heads instantly thanks to stunning design that combines aerodynamics developed on the track with unrivalled elegance, yet the technological solutions that make Maserati’s sportiest cabriolet of all truly unique actually lie below its handsome exterior.

Specifically calibrated for application on the sportiest version of the GranCabrio range, the ZF automatic 6-speed transmission with MC Auto Shift hydraulic torque converter offers a total of five gear shift modes. It can be used in Auto-Normal, Auto-Sport, Manual-Normal, Manual-Sport and Ice modes.

In Manual mode, the driver controls the gear shift directly using the paddles mounted on the steering column and the car operates as a true manual gearbox. In Manual-Normal mode the driver can shift up to redline, while in Manual-Sport mode the transmission holds the gear until the driver changes, even if that means the engine hitting its rev limiter. In Sport mode, the GranCabrio MC also offers a super-fast shifting mode, derived from the GranTurismo Sport and the Quattroporte Sport GT S, which delivers gear shifts that are 50% faster. The Auto Sport mode also includes the MC Start Strategy with Launch Control; the driver activates the system by pressing down on the brake and accelerator pedals simultaneously. Upon reaching the optimum revs (2,300-2,500 rpm), the driver simply releases the brake pedal while keeping the accelerator to the floor, for a rocket-fast start that takes the car from 0-100 km/h in just 5 seconds. This mode is only available with MSP turned off and is therefore recommended for use on a racetrack only in order to guarantee complete safety.

On the handling front, the wishbone suspension system features a specific set-up with more rigid dampers and springs designed to guarantee the ultimate sporty ride yet still coupled with excellent comfort. The Sport Skyhook system with continuously variable dampers is available as an option: when the ‘Sport’ button is pushed, the car becomes more precise and reactive, but continues to absorb bumps in the road as it adapts to any conditions.

The Maserati Stability Program (MSP) system adopts a specific setup which gives the driver greater freedom of action, ensuring maximum safety at all times, while the braking system makes the most of Brembo dual-cast technology with discs crafted from cast iron and aluminium. This brings weight down by between 15% and 20%, whilst also offering enhanced performance and less overall wear. The system comprises six-piston monoblock callipers up front and a four-piston unit in the rear, teamed with drilled, slotted discs: this particular design gives more predictable braking performance and reduces braking distance, especially on wet surfaces.


Exclusiveness pushes new boundaries

Fine materials like Poltrona Frau® leather, Alcantara® and carbon fibre come together in the GranCabrio MC to offer endless possibilities: the customisation options extend to the smallest of details, allowing each client to create an exclusive, made-to-measure car.

In addition to countless combinations of exterior colours for bodywork for the top and the brake callipers - including the special new pearlescent Bianco Birdcage, which appears beguilingly different depending on the angle of light - the interior trim can also be customised, with a choice of leathers, stitching, carpets and panel mouldings. To complement the extremely dynamic look of the car, Maserati proposes MC Sport Line customisation packages, designed to enhance the sporty look and feel of the GranCabrio MC on various levels, through ample use of carbon fibre detailing on both the exterior and interior. The exterior can be completed with a rear spoiler, door handles and rear-view mirror casings in carbon fibre, as well as 20” shiny black Neptune Design wheel rims.

Options for the interior include the use of carbon fibre for the door sill - sporting the MC Sport Line logo - for the centre console, the steering wheel paddles, the instrument panel surround - with Maserati Corse graphics - as well as for the rear shell of the front seats, the steering wheel covering and the panel mouldings. Completing the racing package are MC Design pedals in forged aluminium.

Number of cylinders and layoutV8 90°
4691 cm3
Bore94 mm
Stroke84,5 mm
Compression ratio11,25:1
Max. power output338 kW (460 CV)
Engine speed at max power7000 rpm
Maximum torque520 Nm (53 kgm)
Engine speed at peak torque4750 rpm

​Length​4933 mm
Front track​925 mm
Width (without mirrors)​2056 mm
Rear track​1066 mm
Width (without mirrors)​1915 mm
​Wheelbase​10,7 m
​Height​1343 mm
Rear overhang​173 l
Turning circle​2942 mm
​​1586 mm

Fuel tank capacity75 l
Dry weight1880 kg
Rear overhang1590 mm
Kerb weight1973 kg
Top speed289 km/h with top up
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h4,9 s
Fuel consumption (combined cycle)14,5 (l/100 km)
CO2 emissions (combined cycle)337 (g/km)