Maserati Gran Cabrio Sport

The new details that adorn the car’s lines give its elegance and style a more sporty imprint.

Extending the range with a version that is even more dynamic and sporty is typical of our marque’s philosophy. The GranCabrio and GranCabrio Sport are similar in spirit but with different detail. They have been created to offer customers the opportunity to choose the model that best meets their needs.

The GranCabrio Sport takes a significant development in Maserati’s history one step further as it extends our range of true four-seater convertibles. The car oozes power and hints at its potential through its unmistakable styling which sets it apart from its rivals. On winding stretches of road, it will appeal those who enjoy a more sporty ride thanks to its dynamic handling that ensures a safe yet rewarding drive.

The GranCabrio Sport is rooted in solid Maserati foundations: we have created convertibles for well over half a century and they have all been met with critical acclaim for their class and performance. In the sixty years since our first convertible the motoring world has undergone a profound transformation. However, some things haven’t changed: one of these is the pure joy that comes from climbing into a refined cabin and gripping a steering wheel emblazoned with the famous Trident. This pleasure evolves into excitement when the engine bursts into life and a new journey begins. The Maserati GranCabrio Sport is a sporting convertible that has none of the limits usually associated with this type of car. It will allow you to share the open air driving experience enhanced by the sporty touch that has always part of Maserati’s DNA.


The GranCabrio Sport’s power unit develops 338 kw (460 hp) thanks to a series of modifications aimed at optimising its performance. The engine’s development saw innovative techniques employed to reduce friction, like the adoption of Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) for the tappets and camshaft lobes. The wet sump lubrication system, in line with the design of recent Maserati engines, improves fluid dynamics in the sump and allows the number of pumps needed to recoup the oil to be reduced. This means that the engine is now much quieter, has increased its performance while reducing consumption and exhaust emissions; an important objective for Maserati’s engineers and technicians. 

The 4.7 litre V8 delivers 338 kw (460 hp) at 7000 rpm and has a maximum torque of 520 Nm at 4750 rpm. These figures stand as testimony to the athletic character of the GranCabrio Sport. Still, it is on the road where its smooth gear changes, immediate accelerator response, generous, ample torque and perfect balance between comfort and performance can be fully appreciated. Then there is the sweet, throaty engine noise that varies depending on whether the exhausy bypass valves are open or closed. The driver’s passion will be in tune with this pure sound to offer a unique driving experience as you can see in our video below;


An uprated Skyhook suspension system is fitted as standard to this car and features aluminium dampers that constantly adjust the ride.Skyhook is managed by a control unit that receives data from acceleration sensors positioned on each wheel and on the chassis. The system processes the data and analyses the driving style and road conditions. Thanks to proportional valves on each damper, the unit instantly regulates the damping to deliver superb on-board comfort levels. The ‘Sport’ button can be found on the GranCabrio Sport’s dashboard and pushing it activates a mode specially developed for this model: the car’s character undergoes a transformation, the set up becomes sportier to provide more grip and sharper handling.


Powerful brakes are a must on a car like the GranCabrio Sport. The four discs are grooved and ventilated to cope with more spirited driving. The brakes really come into their own in the wet where they significantly reduce stopping distances and improve consistency in braking performance.


The transmission operates in five modes: Auto Normal, Auto Sport, Manual Normal, Manual Sport and Ice. MC Auto Shift kicks in once Auto Sport mode is selected and allows the car to sprint from 0-100 km/h in just 5 seconds.. All the gearbox information is relayed to the centre of the instrument panel and the transmission can be controlled manually via the steering wheel mounted ‘Trofeo Design’ paddles. These are now slightly longer to make changing gear easier. The new Maserati Stability Program (MSP) calibration dedicated to the GranCabrio Sport allows the driver more scope to enjoy the car, but still within the bounds of safety.

'Made to Measure like a Tailored Suit'

Making a driver feel at home in a car is something that takes skill. The finishing touch, that special ingredient that allows the driver to feel at home in the cabin is something more personal, unique and different for each and every Maserati customer.The Maserati GranCabrio Sport can be personalised in almost limitless ways. The choice of leather tints and stitching, wood finishes and trim: the possible combinations are vast and allow clients to create a truly unique car.The MC Sport Line personalisation packages combine the available options and offer kits that enhance the sporty and dynamic looks of the car. A series of aesthetic and functional details are included which derive from Maserati’s racing experience through the Maserati Corse team.

The extensive use of carbon fibre is an example of this competition-influenced design. The MC Sport Line personalisation on the GranCabrio Sport, available in various packages, allows the client to select many elements made from this material. On the outside, front winglets, rear view mirror casings, door handles and tailpipes can be ordered in carbon fibre; in the cabin clients can opt for door sill trims, featuring the MC Sport Line logo, gearshift paddles, the central tunnel, instrument covers, steering wheel boss and gearbox control panel made from carbon fibre. The 20” glossy black Neptune wheel rims team up perfectly with the MC Sport Line kits. On the interior, the packages extend to aluminium pedal covers bearing the Maserati Corse logo and accompanying left footrest.

Size and Weight:

Length 4,881mm
Width (excluding mirrors)1,915mm
Width (including mirrors)2,056mm
Height 1,353mm
Front Track1,586mm
Rear Track 1,590mm
Front Overhang873mm
Rear Overhang 1,066mm  
Turning Circle12.3m
Boot Capacity1731
Fuel Tank Capacity751
Dry Weight1,887kg
Curb weight + driver2,055kg
Curb Weight1,980kg
Full load weight2,280kg
Maximum weight technically permitted2,350kg
Weight distribution49% front 51% rear (roof closed) 48%front 52% rear (roof open)


Stroke 84.5mm
Compression ratio11:25:1
Maximum Torque7,000rpm
Maximum Power Output 338kW (460hp)
Engine Speed at maximum torque 4,750rpm
Max Engine speed7,200rpm
Engine Speed at maximum power7,000rpm


Top Speed285 km/h
0-100 km/ acceleration 5s
Stopping Distance from 100km/h13.5 metres
Consumption and Emissions
Urban 22.5 (1/100km)
Extra Urban9,8 (1/100km)
Combined 14.5 (1/100km)
CO2 Emissions (combined cycle)337 g/km