The New Maserati GranTurismo Sport

Seeing the GranTurismo Sport in the flesh will get your heart racing, thanks to its balanced and seductive design.


Sportiness and elegance have been redefined with the creation of the Maserati GranTurismo Sport. The new model is Maserati's latest version of the coupe and offers increased performance and an elegant sporty restyling. The vehicle has a huge personality, developed to satisfy the marque's most demanding clients.

The cars muscular lines and aggressive profile attract immediate attention. Features include an innovative functionally designed front bumper, new headlights with DRL LED Technology and the rear is characterised by tail lights in an elegant, more aggerssive, darker tone. This means that the GranTurismo Sport is top of it's class in apprearance and performance.

A car created to provide unbeatable comfort, safety, style and dynamism. This complete package is built around the marque's heart: the engine. A 4.7 litre V8 in the GranTurismo Sport is capable to deliver 460hp.


Seeing the Gran Turismo Sport up close is a breathtaking experience.

The model from which is derives, the GranTurismo was hailed as one of the most dazzling coupes ever built.  This was thanks to it's well-proportioned, stylish and seductive lines.  Now Maserati's Centro Stile has refined the car with the aim of producing one that is even more elegant while stressing its sporty nature. The front of the car is what immediately catches the eye.  The traditional oval Maserati Grille takes pride of place: in the centre is the classic red-pronged trident, a detail that only Maserati's sportiest models feature. The Sporty styling is accentuated byan innovative functionally designed front bumper which optimises the front air flows for both engine and brakes.


Comfort, luxury and sportiness: these are the overwhelming sensations transmitted by the new GranTurismo Sport. The car's elegant sporty cabin is the result of in-depth ergonomic research with the attention paid to the tiniest details. Only the finest materials, fitted by craftsmen, find their way into the cabin. The Front sports-profile seats, with their integrated headrests, have been newly designed to make them more comfortable. They now also provide better support, especially when the drive accelerates. A grille, finished in all new Ecochrome, sits just under the headrests for an even sportier look. The rear mouldings are finished in black leather, alternatively clients can opt for a finish that matches the front seats. Rear seat comfort is enhanced with increased leg room and a more comfortable back panel.


Maserati is a marque with a unique motoring pedigree that has always managed to produce distinctive motor cars with innovative, high performing engines. A love for mechanics is an essential part of Maserati's DNA.

The 4.7 litre V8 fitted to the Gran Turismo Sport provides the smoothing of motoring for everyday use and the engine reveals an unmistakable sports character. The power unit benefits from a special Diamond Like Coating (DLC) on the camshaft lobes and tappets which substantially reduces friction. the car boasts wet sump lubrication with fluid dynamics optimised to bring down friction as it delivers power smoothly up to 460hp. Peak torque has been upped by 10nm to 520 with most if it available through the majority of the rev range to guarantee super slick gear changes.


There are two transmissions available on the GranTurismo Sport: a six speed, automatic ZF set up which is equipped with MC Auto Shift Software or a sequential, six speed gearbox with a twin-disc clutch.

The ZF Transmission results in smooth gear changes without penalising performace with 49% of the weight up front and 51% in the rear.

The Sequential Transmission is more suited to drivers looking for sportier handling and a closer rapport with the car. Here the weight distribution is 48% Front and 52% Rear thanks to the transaxle set up that shifts the gearbox to the rear.