Being taught on a one to one basis by an official Ferrari test driver at the official Ferrari Circuit Fiorano, Varano or Misano is something of a dream. However, in 2018 this dream could be made a reality for any Ferrari Owner.

Pilota Ferrari driving courses represent the story of a successful project that began in 1993 with the objective of offering Ferrari customers a service of the highest technical and logistical profile and enabling them to savour the formidable performance of themodels of the Prancing horse to the full, in safety.

The course contents have been developed and have evolved over time with continuity, professionalism and attention to Ferrari customer expectations, developing a driver teaching methodology which is ever more refined and detailed, made complete with the most modern technologies in the field and aligned with the technological evolution of the Ferrari models. The Pilota Ferrari course, exclusively available to customers, provides the opportunity to attend various and successive course levels, offering content which is increasingly technical and complex, delivered at the perfect pace, to be tackled using the experience, sensitivity and driving technique acquired in previous courses. Starting from the sport course, by passing through the Advanced and Evolution levels, reaching the scuola Pilota challenge and challenge course, Ferrari customers have the opportunity to really improve their driving style and skills behind the wheel, to the point of being able to acquire sufficient mastery to compete safely in real challenge championship races.

A complete program, therefore, perfectly structured, able to match the various expectations of the students, thanks to the use of circuits with a high technical level and equipped with specific infrastructures, cutting-edge scenarios perfect for sports driving courses where Ferrari cars and customers are the protagonists.

Corso Pilota, a programme run by the Ferrari factory and reserved exclusively for Ferrari owners is available and the 2018 dates are below.

SPORTIn the driving seat: the first step towards competitive driving
ADVANCEDFurther instruction of track driving and high speed control
EVOLUTIONTechnical Excellence and on-track thrills: the emotion of sports performance
CHALLENGEThe Introduction to the world of Ferrari Competition: from driving quality to pure performance

SPORT – Fiorano Track

  • 23/24 - April
  • 12/13 - May
  • 7/8 - June
  • 28/29 - June
  • 17/18 - July
  • 3/4 - September
  • 29/30 - September
  • 15/16 - October
  • 25/26 - October
  • 7/8 - November
  • 12/13 - November

ADVANCED – Varano Track

  • 16/17 - May
  • 13/14 - June
  • 5/6 - July
  • 11/12 - September
  • 3/4 - October
  • 19/20 - November

EVOLUTION – Misano Track

  • 19/20 - September

CHALLENGE – Varano Track

  • 30/31 - July
  • 8/9 - October

LIMITED EDITION (tbc) – Monza Track

  • 25/26 September

For complete details about the courses available and prices, please contact Natalie Barnes or Kaitlin Boden on 02380 283404 or by email to