Our most recent test drive thrill

  • Published: 31 October 2022

Within the last few months Ferrari have been holding 296 GTB test drive events across dealerships in the U.K. Well, recently it was our turn here at Meridien Modena. Two groups went on separate day but we are going to talk about the second groups trip. On Thursday 6th October we took the second group of clients to the beautiful town of Modena for a few nights stay. After settling in for the night with a delicious meal and smiles all round everyone rested up ready for the exciting next day ahead. Arriving at the Fiorano circuit for 11am the guests were briefed by the fantastic Ferrari driving team and day one commenced. This consisted of road driving, learning all about how the stunning 296 GTB handles on the road, gliding gracefully across the tarmac really showing off its prowess. Once everyone had had a taste of just how wonderful the 296 GTB was it was off for a stunning dinner at the Ristorante Cavallino. With everyone talking about the day they just had and how excited they are for day 2 everyone finished up their meals and headed back to the hotels. Now day 2 is where it got really exciting. Track day! Helmets on and engines roaring the cars raced away from the starting line – flying around the track our clients were shown how to really make the most out of the 296 GTB and show off what it is really all about. The weather was beautiful and helped to really define the cars body and shape in the sunlight. Day 2 over everyone hopped into the transfers and headed back to airport, still amazed by the incredible few days they had just had. We can’t wait to be able to hold another event such as this one, it was so much fun and we would like the thank everyone that came and hope too see you again soon.

Below we have linked a short video to the day that we have posted on our Instagram. Please click the link below to view.  

296 GTB Video