• Published: 31 October 2022

We’ve put together here a few interesting facts you may not know about Ferrari. Read on and hopefully learn some things you may not have known before now.


  1.    Enzo Ferrari’s son, Alfredo (affectionally known as Dino) is the name behind the Ferrari Dino. Born in 1932 Enzo wanted Alfredo to be his successor, however he sadly passed away at the age of 24 whilst working on the car which Enzo then named after him in his memory.


  1.    Ferrari’s now iconic ‘Prancing Horse’ logo started showing up on Enzo’s racing teams cars after Francesco Baracca had the emblem on his WW1 fighter jet. He was sadly shot down in 1918 and a few years after his death Enzo met Baracca’s mother. The horse was then used in memory of his death and for good luck, which has now become the world famous Ferrari shield we know today.


  1.     What colour comes to mind when you think of Ferrari? Red? Well, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was the original colour. But in fact yellow was the colour chosen by Enzo when creating the brand which still carries over in the shield today. However when the FIA decided all Italian racing cars must be painted red, Ferrari were the only group to stick with the colour into later years. Now famously known as Rosso Corsa this translates to ‘Racing Red’. The colour that we all now know and love as Ferrari’s iconic colour.


  1.    Ferrari has its own theme park in Abu Dhabi! Not only is it the worlds largest indoor theme park, it also has the worlds fastest roller coaster taking riders 0-150mph in 4.9 seconds. Making sure the riders feel like they’re behind the wheel of their own F1 cars. It is also home to the worlds largest Ferrari logo and a ride, again paying honours to Francesco Baracca, the ‘Flying Aces’ ride.


  1.    Ferrari own their own race track. Built in 1972, the 1.8 mile figure of eight track was created so Ferrari can test and develop both their road and racing cars. With its 12 turns it really puts a vehicle to the test. The F1 car record lap time is set by Michael Schumacher himself in 2004 at 55.999 seconds, with the SF90 holding the number one spot for the road car at an incredible 1 minute 19 seconds! Wow.


  1.    The last car to ever receive Enzo Ferrari’s personal approval was the beloved Ferrari F40.