• Published: 15 September 2023

When it comes to accessories for your Ferrari the list is endless. With the seasons changing it may be time that you are thinking of getting your Ferrari ready for the winter months. Whether that entails taking a road trip to the Alps or just taking your Ferrari out for a spin on a crisp winters morning.
Summer tyres are noticeably less effective when the temperature drops. The hardened rubber that results from lower temperatures leads to poor grip on the road.
Developed for the demands of winter driving, winter tyres are made with materials which adapt to the cold. Whether on dry, wet, snowy, or icy ground, their flexible rubber coupled with deep tread guarantees better surface grip. The road handling and driveability of your vehicle are optimised, and the braking distance reduced.

By correctly accounting for the risk factors of driving in cold weather and ensuring you have equipment suited to the winter conditions you can feel just as safe in winter as you do on a nice summer day.

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