News and Events

  • The All New Maserati Levante

    Maserati reveals the exterior form of the Levante, the first SUV in the brand's more than one hundred year history: the new model completes the existing range of saloon and sports cars, extending the offering together with the Quattroporte, Ghibli, GranTurismo and GranCabrio models.

  • Levante, "The Maserati of SUVs" makes it's UK debut.

    Maserati GB officially unveiled the hotly anticipated Levante SUV at the renowned Royal Horticultural Halls last night in London. The event was hosted by TV and radio presenter Lisa Snowdon alongside Giulio Pastore, Maserati Europe’s General Manager.

  • Master Maserati Driving Courses

    The busy 2016 season of Master Maserati Driving Courses, the most exclusive and innovative in recent years, is now drawing to a close with a final series of events not to be missed.

  • Maserati and Ermeneglido Zenga, Crafters of Style

    With over a hundred years’ experience each, both Maserati and Zegna’s legacies are proof that attention to detail and visionary innovation create beautiful design.

  • The All New Maserati Quattroporte


  • The 2018 restyled Maserati Granturismo and Maserati Grancabrio are here.

    Long roads, exhilarating travel and unforgettable memories. A Maserati journey in comfort and style.