Servicing and Maintenance

Meridien Modena

Servicing and Maintenance

The Maserati trained technicians at Meridien Modena aftersales in Hounsdown Business Park, carry out a full range of maintenance and repair procedures for your car. Like all supercars, Maserati require high-quality care to retain their looks, reliability, and performance. Their service history can also have a significant effect on the value of your vehicle when the time comes to sell or exchange it, using the Factory Authorised aftersales provider is always the best option.

As well as helping you keep your vehicle in optimum condition by means of a personalised servicing and maintenance schedule, our aftersales department aims to minimise inconvenience whilst your vehicle is in our care we offer a variety of prestige loan cars so that your day is not disrupted. For procedures that will not take long, the center has a comfortable waiting area complete with Wi-Fi and great coffee. Our complimentary cleaning service means that your vehicle will have the looks, as well as the performance, of one that has just come off the forecourt for the first time.

Other services we provide include upgrades and installations of sophisticated technological features such as alarms, tracking devices and audio systems. We also have a vast range of official Maserati accessories and branded goods available at Meridien Modena.

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    Since 1991 Meridien Modena has been “the place for Maserati cars” when we became the official UK importer. All UK registered Maserati cars from 1991 until 1999 came through Meridien Modena, therefore between all of our factory trained staff there are decades of experience with ...