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Many motorists prefer to finance the cost of their vehicle to make it easier to pay for. We offer a number of options to drivers across the south coast so they can afford their perfect model and budget for it in a convenient way.


Hire Purchase

Our Hire Purchase agreements are flexible and straightforward. You will pay a deposit followed by the remaining amount in monthly installments over a period of time you decide, plus interest and other fees.

Hire Purchase and balloon

Similar to a conventional Hire Purchase plan, Hire Purchase and balloon boasts a lower deposit and reduced monthly payments. This is because the ‘balloon’ refers to a deferred payment (a percentage of the car’s anticipated future value) which is paid at the end of the agreement.

Personal Contract Purchase

Our Hire Purchase and balloon agreement may seem like a conventional Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) plan. The difference is that the balloon payment is optional and the future vehicle value is guaranteed with a PCP agreement.

Personal Contract Hire

This plan is simple and hassle-free. All you need to do is choose your car, agree the annual mileage and decide the length of terms. You will pay a deposit followed by regular rental, and once the contract ends, you simply hand back the vehicle.

Business Contract Hire

Business Contract Hire has the same benefits as the personal plan but with VAT savings for your firm. We will purchase the car you choose and claim back the VAT, so your payments are calculated without it included.

Finance for all

We offer finance plans across all six of the manufacturers we represent, and the exact agreements you can choose from depend on the brand you are interested in. You can also fund a new or pre-owned model, so whatever car you had in mind, there is a straightforward way to pay for it.

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